SEO with Wix Code Question

Does google crawl the text we insert through code? If I have a text box on my page where the text changes based on a button that’s clicked, Will Google crawl through my code and register all of the different text that might land in that box?

All search engines crawl the text that is visible on the page when it is loaded like a visitor would se it before any interactions. If you have like several texts possible to see it won’t get indexed. It is not possible through any tool to make this happen.

The only way is to use some dynamic page which will display all your different data on it just to be crawled by Google.

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Ok. I hedged my bets and put the information in a running list at the bottom of the page as well as creatively with code at the top of the page. That should cover me.

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I came on here to ask the same question. I have created a dynamic page based on a database. the text header on each page changes as per the search query. i have tried googling the specific text header but nothing is appearing in search results. can anyone advise?

I am about to add dynamic pages to my website, and I am concerned, having seen Gareth Mullaney’s query above that is unanswered, that dynamic page search terms aren’t as easily searchable by google as regular wix pages. Before I go any further, can anyone allay my fears?