Service Worker - Work Around

I can see their is currently no way to add a service worker to the root directory do we have a work around for now?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Hi Yisrael

Im tryin to build PWA so I dont have ot move a large project off wix, Im happy to use a work around untill its hopefully a feature, few post mention the html irfame do you know if this work and if so how, Thanks in advance

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You might want to consider GoNative . One of my colleagues recommended it. It’s not a PWA, rather it’s a Webview app. It might do the job for you.

I would as well love to see this feature of being able to place a service-worker.js in the root. GoNative does not compare with PWAs. It supports a different use case (and it has an additional price tag as well). IMO, wix is missing an important use case, if PWAs won’t be possible to achieve.
@paulcf007 : Did you solve the additional challenge of referencing the webmanifest.json of the PWA? This requires to place a " " in html. Please let me know if you have solved this and how.
Thanks and regards, KK

Here’s a workaround that we use for web push notifications:

You can adapt the examples to your needs: basically the article describes a way to register a service worker in the root scope, even if you can’t upload a file in the root. Hope it helps