session.setItem("Key") now returning null with no code change

Has anybody noticed this week that session.setItem(“Key”) is returning null for session storage? This has worked rock solid in the past for over a year since I implemented session storage. This week although, I’m noticing for example on Monday, values are returning null. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, this worked and was not returning null. Thursday of this week, now is returning null. Has anybody seen this happen on your sites this week? Note that this is with no code changes or updates from my end. Something must have changed in the background dealing with wix storage.

Yes. I am also having this issue. My site was running fine for a long time and now sessions are messed up. All of sudden i start getting null vales from session. Have anything recently changed? Wix site in editor works fine but live site is retuning null session values.

Today, Friday, it’s working fine for me and not returning null values. Also, I’ve noticed the same, it works in editor all the time. Two days this week, it didn’t work on the live site. It’s unfortunate because my site depends on this data passing to work properly. I opened up a ticket with Wix and will update this when I receive a response.

Yes. It is working fine for me now. Seems like wix team is trying to improve rendering wix pages. This resolved issu me woth null values i may br valisblr for you.

@mehvishriaz Thanks, seems that they are updating stuff which breaks others stuff, which I expected. I’ll continue to monitor, but seems fine for now.

Broken again Sunday & Monday Nov 1 - 2. Seems to be a conflict between having dataset components on page and session storage. When I delete the dataset components, session storage works on live site, but we have pages which dataset components are required.

I have the exact same issue. Thursday it didn’t work, Friday it did, today not anymore.

You can ask question in this thread specific to your live site
Wix support team may suggest solution