Set Repeater Image from Media Manager

Followed this link:$w.Image.html#src and this thread: and still I’m getting the error:
" Wix code SDK error: The “src” property cannot be set to “image://pills.jpg”. It must be a valid URL starting with “http://”, “https://”, or “image://”. "

The url I used for image is: “image://pills.jpg” and I have image named “pills.jpg” im media manager.

What exactly am I doing wrong?
(It is hard to tell as the examples setting src property of image do not follow the documentation…)

Thank you

By the way - this is the code I use

const featureCategoriesData = [{
		_id: "1",
		name: "Meds, Sex Pills & Supplements",
		url: "/meds-sex-pills-supplements",
		imageSource: "image://pills.jpg",
		lustnlustCategoryId: 123

	const featuredCategoriesRepeater = $w("#featureCategories");
	featuredCategoriesRepeater.onItemReady(($w, itemData, index) => {
		$w("#name").text =;
		$w("#image").src = itemData.imageSource;