Setting custom date ranges for a repeater calendar


I am rendering a list of resorts to a repeater and I would like to be able to populate a date picker with availability information for the specified resort room.

I saw that I can just call the enabledDateRanges function and pass in my availability info to the date picker, but when I try to call this for multiple items it ends up rendering the same availability information for each repeater item.

Is there a way to set the date range for each repeater item individually?

SOURCE: enabledDateRanges - Velo API Reference -


$w("#datePicker1").enabledDateRanges =

Hi Amotor,

Take a look at the repeater velo api

To add different date’s to different repeater items you will have to use the
onItemReady or the forEachItem.

Kind regards,

Thank you sir! You are a legend! That worked great