Setting element's size based on its dataset property

Im trying to loop through a list of items from the dataset (categorical dynamic page) and set the size of each element that appears based on a dataset property.
for example: dataset that holds test scores of a certain member of my site, i would like to show each test result as a bar that is larger/smaller based on the actual score number.

how can i achieve this?

You cannot set element sizes programmatically in Wix.

You can use the ProgressBar .

so what does the $w("#myElement").style.borderWidth = "1px"; do?

what if im trying to achieve the following:

where each task is a row in my db that has a time start and time end attributes.

is this impossible to achieve with Corvid?

I think you should find a JS library for gantt charts and use it inside an htmlComponenet.
Post the data from your page to the htmlComp:$w.HtmlComponent.html#postMessage

See the borderWidth API for information.

What you are trying to is not currently supported as there is no way to set element placement programmatically. You might be able to find a charting script that will do what you want and embed it in an HtmlComponent.

See the Custom Chart example .

@jonatandor35 that is a great idea, Thanks!