Shape object Dynamic color change

Hi ,
In my project i need to need to change the color of the objects when the next button is clicked.
I checked the properties under $w shape object but cannot find any color property which i can use in my code to change the color.

the small circles near the skip need to change the white color to the color code of “#07DDFF” when user type the answer and click next.
I can code the things for next button but anyone can help me with the small circles color change.

Thanks for all the guidance and help. :slight_smile:

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At this time, we do not have the capability to change color for a shape. What is place two shapes on top of each other, one of each color. Set the blue as hidden on load, and when you want to have a color change, hide the white shape and show the blue.

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is this a feature that will be implemented?

I would be interested in that feature too - thanks

It’s a basic feature that wasn’t implemented since 2017!

This is an old post from 2017 and being closed.

Take a look at Style for more info on how to do this.$w.Style.html