Share your best Editor X creations

Hi all,

This is a place to share your best work done using Editor X.

Tips for posting your most recent Editor X creation here in the show case:

First, think about what the community members need to know to appreciate your project. As concisely as possible, explain how you approached the problem and how you worked through it.

Here’s how you could approach it:

  1. Title of project (add it to the subject line)
    Example: " New Adidas Run e-commerce experience .”

  2. Tell us a bit more about your project & goals
    What was the challenge? What’s the product about? What was the briefing?

  3. Process & experience
    In a paragraph or two, explain how you worked through the project. Why did you choose that approach? Did you take a unique angle or notice some surprising insight?

pro tip: People scan, they don’t read.
Feel free to add screenshots and even video captures of your design process and some creative moments, workarounds that you’re proud to highlight.

  1. Give credit & explain your role. This could be as simple as listing “Role: art direction & design” and then tagging a team member who helped you with code or anything else (when applicable).

  2. Finally, add your URL and your thoughts about the end result. You’re welcome to share incomplete designs so you can get feedback and make changes along the way (it’s a never ending project, we know it).

Alright, our community members and Editor X are keen to check your latest creation, so go ahead and start sharing it .