Shipping Partner In India

I have have been informed by the Wix Support that they do not have shipping partner integrations in India.

Popular shipping companies like Delhivery, Shiprocket do not have direct integration with Wix, but are connected to Shopify, Woocommerce etc.

Could you pls consider this as a urgent feature request as most ecommerce clients in India dont want to get onboard Wix owing to the missing integration.

At this moment, you can only integrate with Velo (Wix Code) to accomplish this. Learn more about Velo by Wix:

You can also create a post on the Velo Forum so people with Velo expertise might help.

Thank you. I understand that currently we dont have an option. That’s why the Feature Request :slight_smile: I will surely post a request on the Velo Forum as thats the only option I have, after from redoing the website from scratch on WordPress.

Wix has multiple Shipping Partners, but none of them service India. I was only requesting that they tie up with Shyplite or Delhivery and make it possible for India Wix Partners to sell more eCommerce websites.

Hi Jayan, I’ll add this request to our list. Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

We have this concern of Wix not having integrations with major shipping platforms in India like TCI Express, Xpress Bee, Delhivery etc. Without that it will be difficult to continue with Wix. We will have to opt out and look for other options.

@Rashmi_Desai I would submit this as a feature request! Head on over to the Product Roadmap and click the ‘Request a Feature’ button.
You also could look in the app market. I believe Starshipit might be available worldwide. Possibly look into Shiprocket or Pickerr as well.