Shiprocket and wix store

How to add ship rocket as a delivery partner in my website

We have a step by step guide on how to work with APIs : Velo: Accessing Third-Party Services with the Fetch API .

Below you can also find some examples where you can see code that interfaces with an external API. You can load the examples in your Editor, play with them, learn, and apply to your own site and specific API that you are interested in using:

  • Expose and Access Site APIs Use MyApi and MyApiClient to expose and access external APIs.

  • Send Email with SendGrid NPM Interface Send an email using the SendGrid NPM library.

  • Send Email with SendGrid REST Interface Send an email using the SendGrid REST API.

  • Stripe Payment Processing Integrate the Stripe Payment processing system into a site. Three levels of user access are demonstrated: visitor, freemium (registered), and premium (paid).

For information on Shiprocket, see their API documentation: