Show and hide containers

Hi guys! I have a project where there will be 3 containers in 1 section and each containers have videos and contents. What I want to do is after the video in the container 1 is finished, container 1 will be hidden and container 2 will show and the video will be automatically play and so on and so forth. I hope this makes sense.

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This sounds like a play function on event, I think in this case code will be required:$w/videoplayer/play$w/playablemixin/play
like here, or something similar

at this point, I can suggest you contact our Velo team with this query:

and as for a workaround you can try using Pro Gallery, but the capability could be a little bit limited

@mark-fsumulong , you could also set up the gallery to automatically slide through the videos and set the videos to autoplay. The time between the sides would need to be the same though.