Show/Hide only working in preview?

I’m having an issue where my show/hide functions only working properly in preview mode! When I publish and use the live site it stops working.

I’m trying to show & hide elements inside of the header of my site, my site is a looping site, so the elements need to be continuously hidden and shown over and over, The code works 100% properly in Preview mode


I’ve seen 2 older posts with people with the similar issue:

Based on that old thread it seems to be a bug on Wix’s side so I made a new thread because the community guidelines says not to bump old threads :sunglasses:

export function text146_viewportEnter ( event ) {
$w ( “#image39” ). hide ();
$w ( “#text152” ). show ();
export function vectorImage1_viewportEnter ( event ) {
$w ( “#image39” ). show ();
$w ( “#text152” ). hide ();
help would be greatly appreciated!!!

You have a text146_viewportEnter() event handler, but I can’t find the #text146 element on the page.

Plus, I don’t see any difference between Preview and Live.

#text146 is on the 5th slide. the text reads “@hadaradora Siri play ‘Freezone’ by Hadar”

Below I have attached some screen recording on the behavior I am experiencing, in the Preview I get the desired effect i’m looking for, in live site it stops working

First video is Preview, second video is Live site.

any ideas?

@playhitsdigital Thanks - now I understand.

And, I see the problem and I believe I know what it is. I’m going to refer this to QA for evaluation.

@yisrael-wix okay! hope to hear back from them soon with a solution!

@yisrael-wix Also can confirm I’m also having this issue with collapse and expand (tried using this as an alternative). Works in preview but not working in Live site

My site uses collapse, to hide columnstrips, and it used to work…but recently it stopped working in live site. It still works in preview mode. Has this been solved yet?