Show warning "Members Only" when not Logged In

Currently when you are not logged in and click the “members only” page I have created, nothing happens…there is no feedback for the user to know why a page does not work.

I want users who are not logged in to see a “You need to sign-in” page, and those who are already logged in to see the actual content.

How can I do this? Code-less solutions welcome too!



All you need is to check if the visitor is logged in or not, using wix users api.
Check it out : Here

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the suggestion Mustafa!

So, I would check to see if they are logged in, and then I would trigger a pop-up if they click “members” if they are not logged in?
Thanks so much for your help!

Do you want to block visitors if they aren’t logged in or only show a popup?
You can display a popup if you want but if you want to block the visitors from seeing member’s pages you should use routers .

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