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We’re psyched to team up with Brandon Groce for LIVE Editor X Design Challenges every month. The first kicks off February 28th >>> Find our more and SIGN UP HERE

How do the challenges work?
​Join us on Discord! Join us in our monthly challenges, get valuable feedback on your work, answers to your questions, and win cool prizes for your participation!

  1. Each day you’ll receive a challenge in our Discord

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  3. Watch the daily live show to get started and ask questions.

  4. Finally, share your work to get feedback from mentors and win prizes!


​Day 1 - Welcome Day (Getting Started In Editor X)
Day 2 - Building a Portfolio in Editor X
Day 3 - Scrolling & Animations
Day 4 - Scrolling Portfolio Website
Day 5 - Reimagining Tesla’s Website With Grids
Day 6 - Building a Site With Sticky Scrolling Effects
Day 7 - Build a Nike Ecommerce Homepage
Day 8 - Build The Gaming Site Valorant in Editor X
Day 9 - Building Apple’s Website in Editor X
Day 10 - Built a Plant Ecommerce Store in Editor X

Simply SIGN UP , and we will see you in our discord!

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