Site Freezes after pressing "Preview" button

I made a brand new blank site to test out some codes, but after pressing the “preview” button, the page does not go into preview. An ad pops up under the header asking me to upgrade my website to remove Wix ads, and I am stuck on the page. It’s not completely frozen, but stuck in editors mode. This happens to all other pages whenever I press “preview”. Oddly enough, all sites too, except for one which have premium plan. I remember the preview option being available for wix even if the site is on free plan, was this changed or does this have to do with the code I entered?

Hi Emmett,

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What code do you have on your site? Please supply more details.


Hi , thanks for responding, but it sort of just fixed itself. Not sure what cause it to happen the first time, but it doesn’t seem to be the code

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