Site Search Positioning & Results??

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie to coding and have some really basic simple questions.
I have site search search bar set up on my website, however when i search for an item in my store it loads the search results underneath, however they hide behind my strip on my page,
Is there a way to move the search results page down slightly so i can see the full results page?
Also when i search it searches my whole website content inc pictures etc, i would just like it to search my collections and show results of products i have for sale, is this possible?

You can use this video tutorial to learn how to create a search of your collection. You can also have a look here regarding filtering a repeater using code.

As for placing the elements, you can change the layers order as explained here .

Good luck,

Hi, I have since made my own and all works great apart from the final step! can you please help?
Please see forum post;