Slider / Diashow Animation

ich möchte aus einer Serie von Einzelbildern eine staccato-artige Animation erstellen (Bewegungsablauf einer Person).
In Wix hat das wunderbar geklappt: Ich habe einen Galerie-Slider auf einen Bild-Rahmen reduziert und als Wechsel-Effekt “Einblenden” gewählt. So wurden die einzelnen Bilder einfach hintereinander abgespielt, ähnlich wie eine gif-Animation (ohne Sliden!). In Editor X scheint gerade diese “Einblenden”-Funktion zu fehlen. Gibt es hier keine solche Möglichkeit? Gibt es ansonsten Alternativen? Ich möchte es ungerne als Video anlegen, da es etwas länger dauern und nicht zu lange laden sollte.
Vielen Dank für Tipps und Anregungen, Kehan

Hallo Kehan,

Robert here, one of the community managers here at Editor X.

Since English is the primary language here on Community X, to receive the quicker reply, please post in English.

As for the animation you are looking to achieve, you can add a Wix Pro Gallery and setup a slideshow with the Slide automatic option set accordingly.

I have made a video below with a possible solution.

Feel free to reply or if you want to speak to an Editor X agent, you can contact a specialist at the link here .
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Hello Robert,
thank you very much for your detailed answer and the video.

Unfortunately, this doesn´t solve my problem, because I want to show a sequence of a person in motion. With the way you told me, I get unnice flickering effects between the pictures because of the fading.

In Wix it worked perfect for me, because the settings are a bit different from Editor X: In Wix I can set the fading time on 0, so there is no flickering to see, and the changing betweeen the pictures are very simple - without any effect (staccato-like). Moreover, in Wix I can set the duration of a picture in very fine steps till 0,1 sec. (so I can create a quicker motion flow) - in Editor X there is a minimum of 2 seconds?

I hope, you understand, what i mean?
It would be so nice, if you had another idea for me.

Thank you so much and best wishes,

Hey again Kehan,

Thanks for the response and sorry if it didn’t work. I was checking the classic Editor and was unable to see an option to set the animation all the way done to 0. It’s also 2 as within Editor X which is expected as the application is the same.

Perhaps with the link to the Editor site with the example, we could see which element is being used as maybe it’s a different app that might not be in Editor X.

From what I can gather you’re trying to achieve, it might be possible to make a flipbook style animation and either upload it as a gif or possibly embed an outside gallery.

Something like this might be good to add to our wishlist as well.

Hello Roberto, thank you - the gallery I loaded in Wix is under “Gallery” > “Slider Galleries” > Postcard (Slider), and the presentation is “FotoFilm”. For me, it looked as an intern Wix gallery? Is this one not compatible with Editor X?

Found it and after testing it out, I see that it is possible to set the animation from 0 to 30 seconds in .1 second intervals.

As for the question, these galleries are specific to the Editor and are not on Editor X.

I will forward the possibility of either changing the intervals for the slider in Wix Pro Galleries or migrating the Editor galleries to Editor X.

That would be great, thanks a lot. But moreover, it is important, to set also the fading time on 0 to supress the flickering! (like in the Postcard Slider)

Got it. Will mention that as well.