Social Media Posting

With the social media posting, having to manually input the hashtags for each platform one by one manually is a pain. Can we get either a pasteable version where we can paste in 5 or more hashtags at once or where you put the hashtags in the first post at the top and they are automatically added into the other posts?

So you put the hashtags in the Facebook post and Instagram and Linkedin automatically get the same hashtags without having to type each one individually.

@Matthew_Hillman Hey! Adding your post to the Wishlist category. Having to manually add in all those hashtags absolutely is not ideal. :woman_facepalming: How often would you say you end up having to do this for each platform?

Since posts here are not official feature requests, be sure to submit this as an official feature request. Head on over to the Product Roadmap and click the ‘Request a Feature’ button.

Hello @pamela we tend to post to 2-3 socials a few times a month so not tonnes atm but it would make our life easier if we could paste in the hashtags or have them carry over from the top one to the others.

I have also put this as a Feature request, thanks for the link.

I believe they are separated by “,”. So wouldn’t it be possible to write it up in a text file and copy/paste it in?