Social Share Settings Bug

This is a follow up on (Request 296445124) and thought I put this out there.
Site: Los Angele Ballet7

Initially, the site crash and was unrecoverable unless i went back 48 hours. I had redo all the work, and then it happened it again. Releasing it was happening while I was add the OG image to the Social Share portion of the page management.

Over the weekend I managed to update the site all weekend long, performing other duties without a hitch. Decided to address the social media share images and it crash numerous times AGAIN. I could update 20 pages, saving and publishing successfully with each page. Then after 20, the site freezes and I have to revert all the way back to a moment where only 9 pages have their OG image.

So, I did a test, and did the process in reverse, starting with the pages at the bottom, and working my way up. Then on page 20, it froze again and only could revert back to when the first 9 were saved. I hope this help the development team to resolve. I do need to apply these images in the next 36 hours. Help we need to launch in 72 hours.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Any resolutions? Any round-about?

Thanks, Teejay

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Hi @teejay - our support team is looking after this case for you. We’ll update via ticket.

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