[SOLVED] checkbox AT or AFTER signup form

I have dug around other posts but they all seemed to pertain to people that were making their own custom login/signup forms and db’s. Mainly due to time and deadlines, I am simply using the Wix Members App, which is fine. It does what I need it to do. However, the client wants a checkbox at signup that a user must select to be able to signup (terms and agreement). I have been researching and reading Wix updates and thought I had read an announcement about the release of being able to edit the Wix dialogue, but am not sure if they relate to me and haven’t found specific documentation for it (Just a notice in feature updates). I’m just looking for something much like what you see when you’ve added the forum app and enabled users to join on signup.

If this isn’t possible, how could I code for the site to recognize a new signup and then either redirect to an agreement page, or even possibly a lightbox?

Any and all info and help is greatly appreciated! MUCH MUCH much appreciation in advance, everyone. :slight_smile:


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hahah i have the same problem…

You cannot edit the existing Wix Login page. However, you can create your own login page as explained here . In stead of redirecting to the homepage, you can redirect to a different page using the to function .


I actually meant to update this as I have figured out a solution:

I created a new db with a userID and boolean field, and have set a query function to search it using onLogin. If their ID AND the boolean value are there, then it continues as normal. If not, then I have used wixWindow to launch a lightbox where they must read and agree to continue.

I did discover that if the user logins in and closes out the agreement browser prior to agreeing, then opens a new tab and goes back to the site, that user now has full access to the site as a normal member without agreeing. And, basically can avoid the agreeance until next logout/login, which isn’t good because they can stay logged in forever, close out and open tabs, and never see the prompt.

So, I coded an ‘if logged in statement’ to catch and query users that may already be logged in that haven’t agreed yet. This coding was all placed in my Site tab.

Thanks for checking in, Tal! I appreciate it :smiley:

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