[SOLVED] Data query for boolean values

I’m currently trying to query a count in my db for a certain field and how many times it’s been ‘voted’ on. On my form, there are several check boxes that users can select to vote on which class they’d like to attend. Those check boxes are attached to a db with boolean values.

I just need to know what I put in the value of my query check. Since it’s just a check mark, there isn’t any text I can have it look for.

$w.onReady( function () {

let cardioCount
$w(‘#text34’).text = String(cardioCount);

$w(‘#dataset1’).onReady(() => {
.eq(‘cardioSculpt’, [what goes here?] )
.then((num) => {
cardioCount = num;

I have set this particular boolean value on my form to ‘Cardio Sculpting’, but when I place this in quotes in that bolded section, it does not return my count.

Figured it out, the value I was wanting to use was TRUE. However, come to find out that wasn’t my main issue. Had to set my text element within the function with the string().

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