SOLVED-Need help with using a button or text to display database item

I am trying to use a database to display a alot of information in one spot instead of building dozens of pages. what i am trying to do is to use clickable buttons (or text if that would work better) to display a single database entry that i have prefilled. So I created a test database and filled 2 lines (History… and Current) and 2 columns (title and lesson). I then created a dataset and a button and a text box (set to read only). I have everything linked to the database but i don’t know how to get it to work from there. I assume that i need an onClick command to call the information from the database and display the info in the text box (or any thing else if i need a different element). I need each button to only display the lesson info for the corresponding title of the button.
Any help would be great, i am making a dent with my head on the desk.

What exactly do you want to show on the page when the button is clicked? I can’t see any other data collection that would link to the history button so please try to expand your issue and describe what you want to happen when someone click the button.

Hi Andreas, What i want to happen is when the person clicks on the button Labeled History, it will display the Lesson field from the database that corresponds to the title history. So as you can see in the database screenshot, i have two items, History and Current in the title column. The title column names will be the same as the buttons. So in the example, i will have 2 buttons, one that says History, and one that says Current. When the History button is clicked, i want to display the lesson field for History in the the text box. When i click on the button that says Current, I want the lesson field for Current to display in the text box.

@dragonlord4469187 I think this video will help with what you need:

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@poolshark314 That is what i needed, I wasn’t thinking in terms of filters, but it works! TYVM

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