[SOLVED] Site is down with CHROME / EDGE ... works with MOZILLA FIREFOX

UPDATE: OCT 26, 2020, 19:00 CT
Everything works - site is running at the same speed as before this issue.
The new editor is a very nice improvement.

UPDATE: OCT 23, 2020, 02:00 CT
Everything works - but the site is now about 3x slower.
Please put the site back to the previous, faster server.
@yisrael-wix - there is a message for you at the bottom of this thread - thank you for your attention to this.


No changes on my end. All is working normally this morning.

Yisrael - thank you for your quick response! Cheers.

Had all kinds of random Wix errors the last few hours (2am - 5am CT) … after a period of twilight zone, the editor and the site quit completely. Took a break. Came back and Wix loaded and presented a new editor - cool.

But, now my main website is down.
Haven’t changed any code, but it fails with various Wix errors.

Please post the URL of your site.

CHROME and MS Edge fail to load the landing page (so most other pages fail too).
This forum FAILS too - it also fails with CHROME and MS EDGE.

Mozilla Firefox seems to work - my site and this forum.

Looks like whatever the Wix “Frog” is doing, is FAILING hard!

Are you having trouble with the site? With the site in the Editor? Do you have any issues in particular that I can look at? I’ll take a look and send it on to QA for evaluation. But I need to know what we’re looking for.

The site loads but I don’t have a login. If you want, I can look closer. Perhaps put some test login credentials in a backend file so I can login and see what’s up.


@yisrael-wix Thank you!
Added a page in the backend for you and tech support.
Please compare CHROME (FAIL) vs MOZILLA (WORKS, mostly).

Also, before all the “Frog” errors," there were mainly just the two errors with the “wixCodeNamespacesAnd…”

  • "Uncaught (in promise) Error
    at i “wixCodeNamespacesAnd…”

  • Error
    at i “wixCodeNamespacesAnd…”

@brainstorrrm The Editor has been in use by limited groups for quite a while. I’ve been using it for a few months, and it’s been going through a gradual release.

Well, I’ll tell ya - it all seems good to me. I tried on Chrome, Mozilla, and even Opera and Safari (hey - that’s what friends are for). The site loads and displays various tables and charts. I of course can’t vouch for the veracity of the results, but they certainly look awesome. Loading is variable in speed between the different types of content.

Do you have anything specific that I can try to reproduce?

Thanks for checking - it may be a problem with my intranet, then.
But - same FAIL with CHROME on my mobile phone …

You are telling me that CHROME and MOZILLA look the same and you are not getting any of the errors in the picture above with CHROME?

Further testing:
The editor reverted to the previous version.
CHROME and EDGE still produce the same error and fail.

Used Teamviewer to connect to a PC in Europe - everything works on all browsers. Same if I use VPN.

In Texas, USA, the site fails with CHROME and EDGE, but works with Firefox. The mobile phone using the mobile provider, produces the same errors and fails with CHROME.

I am having what could potentially be related issue - from today morning on - Frames are not loading properly and external API calls seem to be very slow.

the problem I am encountering is severe in Chrome but also persists in Edge and Firefox.

More here: https://www.wix.com/corvid/forum/community-discussion/live-site-frames-not-displaying-slow-performance

Cross posting here - in case it helps to uncover related issues.

@brainstorrrm Hey, thanks for this update about using a VPN. It could be regional releases of new features that’s causing the inconsistency.

I’m passing this on to QA for evaluation.

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@tabraham If you are still encountering issues with your site, please post the URL of your site. I’m passing this thread on to QA for evaluation and it would be helpful to have your site evaluated as well. Thanks

@brainstorrrm About the console errors… In my tests, the console comes out clean - except for some developers “scary” messages. The site looks and behaves fine.

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QA is in the process of evaluating the site.

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Thank you @yisrael-wix - we made changes to our code to help make the site start working again.

Part of the reason it seems was that Wix servers were unable to respond in a reasonable time to responses from http requests we initiated (our site is very data heavy).

Another reason perhaps was that something changed on the Wix platform with regard to async behavior – so we rewrote our code for that as well.

Hey @brainstorrrm , glad it’s now working for you. Just started my day so I haven’t yet discussed this with QA.


No changes to async, but glad it’s working now.

@yisrael-wix - thanks.

Glad it’s working again - BUT a new problem now.

The site is about 3x slower than before. Just terrible.
I added two set of credentials in the backend, one for you, and one for QA.

Users logging in must go through a matrix calculation once every calendar month. That calculation is now ridiculously slow. Please see for yourself.

Hi, I have a similar issues with my website (slidefrogs.com). The galleries and the pricing page is not loading in chrome and MS edge. It works fine in Firefox. Can you help fix this.

The site is c r a w l i n g … barely usable.
When you click any cell in the matrix (tables), the response used to take about 1 second. Now it is taking 3-5 seconds !

During the Wix Code days, I had a similar issues.
Not sure what was done behind the scenes, but it sped up the site.
Wix Turbo didn’t do anything to improve speed (maybe I was placed in the turbo project early).

Anyway - the site is currently slow as molasses.
Since I know this is not normal, can someone please explain and, more importantly, return the site to the faster mode I was in for the last two years.

You still having issues? I will again check with QA to see what’s up. There aren’t really any issues that I’m aware of. And, I checked and your site seems OK to me.