Some paid coding help needed

I am in need of some assistance for a WIX studio site I am building for a client. I have built the guts of it but there are some features that may require some coding to be implemented to achieve what he wants. Probably simple stuff for a pro but for me I just don’t have the capacity to implement at the moment. This is the link to the site:

He wanted a very simple site to begin with and now he is adding some more advanced features as we progress through the job. Here are the elements that I need assistance with:

  1. When users click the + button at the top of the page the lightbox menu appears. He wants the plus to rotate to a cross which is then tapped for the close button. The lightbox currently slides up and he wants it to slide down when the X is pressed. You will notice I have tried a work around but it wasn’t successful. He wants the similar affect as the menu button affect on this website but just with a + rotating to a X-

  2. When you go into What I’ve Done ( my client wants to be able to click one and then when you go to another filter it only shows that choice. He doesn’t want it to allow multiple selections at the same time. I have been advised these need to be made into buttons which I have done. Originally I had it as a filter bar connected to the CMS, however you could keep making selective and it would be a cumulative affect. He wants them to choose something and they filter and then choice something else and the previous is deselected and only shows what you just selected.

  3. On the homepage there are 3 buttons below the opening image. If you hover over them you will see Residential, Commercial and documentation. Currently it just takes you to the full list of the portfolio ( . What he wants is if you select the Residential button it takes you to the portfolio page with the residential filter already applied. And the same for the other three options.

I have charged this client $990AU for this site thinking it was going to be pretty straight forward, however I have been working on it for about 3 weeks trying to solve his requests and his changes. I am going to have to pay for these updates out of this budget so I want to try and make it work so i can get rid of this guy out of my life. Could you please let me know what this might cost. I appreciate your time.

Kind Regards,

Matt Jones

Hi Matt.
Sent an email. Please check an email from

Best Regards
Alister | Wix Code Pro

Hey there Matt,

I’ve sent you a mail,
Check it out (:

I found a slogan on your webpage, what tells you the following …

Let’s make something that makes a DIFFERENCE…

If you want to create something what makes a → DIFFERENCE ← on your Wix-Website, or on a website of your customer —> then you should start to learn coding.

I ask myself even more, how you can provide Webdesign-Services without having knowledge in CODING ? Out of my view it is not possible to provide professional websites, without havng coding-knowledge.

At least you can provide professional → DESIGN ← what is just a part of a working website.

But as you can see clearly on your own → you need to leran CODING, if you want or not, because you will find yourself in such cases even more often in your future.

And another aspect is → you will pay more then you will earn, if you always will have to engage programmers to do your homework.

The best place to learn is to use for example this FORUM, which will give you a lot of new knowledge, coding experience, new ideas and more.

All this said, i want to wish you success at the end. Good luck and happy coding.

Completely agree with you on that one. It’s essential for any Wix “Expert” to at least learn / know the basics of Velo.

And there’s always ChatGPT which sometimes is even faster at writing complex code than if you do it yourself (and it’s free ;).