Sort is not working as it should in Dynamic page

I’m working on the following website:

I added a sort to the Dataset of this page:
First sort: by order column (Low → High)
Second sort: by name A–> Z

It’s working fine (PRIMETERX is first, STARTUP NATION is second and VOLVO is third)

I added the same 2 sorts to the Dataset of the dynamic page but for some reason the sort is not working.
For example - I press on the PRIMETERX project and enter to the dynamic page of PRIMETERX and then press on Next button. I should see the page of STARTUP NATION project but i see other project (RIMONI PLAST)

Can someone please tell me what am i missing?

I believe that NEXT is just taking the next record in your data collection with no record sorting used. I think you will have to build your own function.

It’s not a bug?
The sort of the DataSet in the dynamic page is just not working as it should.

Hi Oren,

I’ve managed to recreate what you are referring to and will pass it on to the relevant team and we will update you as soon as we have an answer for you.
In the mean time you can do as Andreas suggested and build your own function


Great. looking forward to your answer :slight_smile:

Hi Oren,

I’ve discussed your problem with the relevant team and unfortunately for the time being, the only way to customize the dynamic page navigation is with code.
One way I would suggest is getting the current item using the wixLocation

and using that as a reference point for creating a link to the next page