Spinner Wheel: How to Capture iFrame app Result in Browser

I have an iframed spinning wheel embedded in my website, see it here in the footer section at f eastbot.com/restaurants/pantryonefoodmart and go ahead and spin the wheel and see the result that pops up.

What I need to do is capture the result of the spin reward that pops up and store it in a variable. Once I get it from A. the browser to B. WiX code let’s say as a var then I know what to do with it. I will likely use wix.location to navigate to a light box pop up and display a redemption code.

Can you help tell me what method that I would use in WiX Velo to capture this popped up data?

I know a little bit about WiX code. Done some things. Problem is I do not know what API or coding property to use that will perform this function. Just need some starter tips.