stopping dynamic text box resizing

I have a repeater of 11 elements that is populated from Wix collection fields. My problem is that I want all the repeater boxes to be the same size but the text box that is populated from the collection dynamically adjusts to the text volume.

I can’t make the text fields in the collection to all be the same size.

Is there any way to fix the text box so that it doesn’t dynamically change to accommodate the amount of text retrieved from the database field.

I was thinking if this could be done then I could use code to enable a “Read more” link for any text that was greater than the text box size

To see what I’m talking about, have a look at this site
Notice how the boxes stay the same size no matter what the text length

Why was the box resized? It is because the text elements size is NOT enough to display content.

To solve this:

  1. Make the element height longer

  2. Use code it makes it 1 line, and read more by coding:

Thanks for the reply.
The hover box resizes based on the amount of text that is read from the database field. Even when I resize the hover boxes to all the same size in the editor, it reverts to different sizes in preview & live??

Being able to fix the hover box size as per this example would seem to be a common requirement but seems non-standard in Wix?

I solved it, thanks - I widened the whole hover box/text box so now no resizing takes place