Strip slowiy creeping upwards!

A couple of times I thought I’d messed up my layout as elements were outside my strip. However I’ve just noticed that the section is creeping up a pixel every 2 or 3 seconds!
Wix Editor
What are you trying to achieve:
I’m trying to edit one of my dynamic pages but the size of the main strip is reducing by one pixel every 2 or 3 seconds which is really messing up the page layout.
What have you already tried:
I did try moving the content onto the section instead but background setting does not have a stretched option so applies to the full screen width and not just the page.

This is some type of weird height adjustment glitch that occurs in Wix Engine. I find it happening in other instances, such as using a Multi-State Box within a Box element on a lightbox page. The element labeled “#page” is the one that shrinks in this instance, and I assume it’s due to Wix trying to adjust the heights of multiple dynamic elements that are stacked within each other.

A solution I found to the “Pixel Creep” would be to add 1000 pixels to the height of the creeping Strip element. Then, leave the page to another page and come back. Once you come back, change the element back to it’s original height and hope the creep has subsided…

Only bothersome thing: the elements that were below the Strip have been pushed down and wont automatically come back up after the resize.

Yep this keeps happening to me over and over. If I need to go in and edit a text layer on the strip it starts to creep up and won’t stop until you refresh the page. Really frustrating, especially if you don’t notice right away as it will slowly creep up and wreck the section.

Hope the devs can fix this soon.