Stripe Code Integration - Help Needed

I’ve tried a number of times on a couple different threads to get help with this . . . , but I’m still at an impasse! I’m trying to finish one of my payment form pages so that that user is able to select their service (from the basePriceDropdown field)and the number of additional pages (from the amount field) they need’. When they make their selections, the ‘total’ field should update (with the decimal point in the correct place) to reflect the price they’ll be charged, and the ‘description’ of the payment should update to reflect the label of the option they selected from the ‘basePriceDropdown’ field. Here’s what my payment form looks like:

Here’s my code:

Can ANYONE help??

First of all it it not good practice or even acceptable to collect customer card details including the CVC in your Wix form. You should leave all credit card information to Stripe on their secure page. I don’t think they will allow you to send in payment requests to their API with all this info from a web page.

So if I would be you I would make the form without all credit card information and then just made sure yo ucalculate the fee and the name of the service. Then I would use PayPal or Stripe popup forms to handle the payment and then send back the transaction id to your page and then you know it has been paid and you can update the recoord in your data collection as PAID.

Does that make any sense? I have only worked with Paypal on this and that code can be shared to you.

Thanks, Andreas. I appreciate your help, but there are actually quite a few posts in this forum about using Wix forms to integrate with Stripe. In fact, I’ve only gotten as far as I have with the help of those posts and a video from FutureCode that I found on YouTube. Again, thanks for your help!

What is the real need here, do you need help calculating the form or is the need to make payment through Stripe? Is there anyway you could think of using Paypal instead?

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I’ve really got to stick with Stripe. I use them for every other payment form I’ve already created. The good news is that I’ve figured out how to get my total field to function properly. What I’m working on now, is trying to figure out how to force the label of the #baseTypeDropdown field to be what populates the ‘category’ field in my database. I’ve tried using the Wix Code API Reference documentation to learn how to use a label as opposed to a value, but I just can’t figure it out! Here’s what my page code looks like now:

Hi Juanita,

A dropdown has options, each option contains a label, a value and the index number.
There can be only one selected index at a time.
Based on this logic, changing the label of the dropdown element itself will have no affect.
For it work you will need to specify the current index you are trying to change.

See the example here

Hey Juanita,

Take a look at the new Example: Stripe Payment Processing .

Have fun,