Table data shows before filter is set

I’m using Velo and a dataset to make a custom table based on an organization a member is a part of.

E.g. the user is a part of the team “Hawks”, on this page they should only be able to see other Hawks players.

Currently, I’m using setFilter() on the dataset to filter based on the same organization_id that we generate for different teams. However, the table still populates its data before the filter is set, showing ALL data, until the filter is loaded properly. It’s only on screen for a hundred milliseconds or so, but still, I don’t want to show users other user’s data.

Here’s my code:

*** I can’t show my code because Wix thinks I’m posting a website link. Cool. It’s simply a setFilter inside of the $w onReady() function for the dataset. ***

I’ve tried using hide() and show() to fix it, but I’d rather the element be on screen but blank on page load. How would one do this?

You can copy paste your code into a code snippet


So do I. Have you solved it?

A way to do it is query the database instead, that way it will only show what you’re querying for.

Have you concidered using query?