Table not showing on mobile

I saw this discussion there ware no solution.

I made database, and show it use table app.
It can see on desktop, but it not showing on mobile.

the site

What shuld I do?



No one answer,
plz tell me how to fix it.

now the mobile site closed. Because not showing.
So plz check the image.

the desktop one is nomal.
mobile one only show lines.

No one answer,
plz tell me how to fix it.

It works fine for me, both in the editor and in the published mobile site.
Try to clean cookies and let me know if you managed to fix that.

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Have same issue with a table not showing on mobile

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Now I didn’t had solution, so I changed system from table to repeater.

Same thing has happened to me today so it appears to be quite widesprea. Would be nice if someone could sort it out.

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Hi all, Same thing happened to me today, but I was able to solve my situation. I’m using WIX code to show and hide elements. My table does show in desktop and did not show in Mobile. In my case I had hidden some elements in the mobile view via the editor. In my code however I was referring to these elements with show() and hide(). When looking into this, I noticed my code in mobile view was giving me errors because I referred to these hidden elements. These references resulted in errors like "#‘element’ is not a valid selector. My statement was after the code-lines with these errors. After commenting out my error-lines with //, the worked fine. Commenting out obviously is not a solution, but it seems in the code you must make sure you don’t refer to any potential hidden elements in the mobile view. Possible way of checking is if(wixWindow.formFactor === “Desktop”){ $w(“#your_element’s_ID”).show(); } Hope this helps…

Thank you marco.kooman!
When I used the other elements, its happend too. Like Table.
That time I use the show() code, and it was showing.
So I think this is the solution!