Taking surveys and more by phone using Twilio and Wix Code (Showcase)

Hey all!
Imagine how cool it would be if you could launch a poll or voting system where your clients can call your phone number and vote by voice or by pressing different numbers on their phone. Impossible to make that kind of system within the hour? Not using Wix Code, I just made it possible to do using Twilio and their Programmable Voice Service together with their Flow Studio and Wix Code.

My page in Wix Code looks like this, you can find it live on https://andreaskviby.wixsite.com/phonesamples

My Flow Studio look like this

So when someone calls +46105517466 they will get voice message and they can select if their number should be in the right or left repeater. Just a demo, this could be some larger voting system or ordering lookup system. Anything is possible now with SMS & VOICE.