Team functions is necessary

So we started a huge project and we are two developers and one designer working on this project.

We came up with some ideas that will be necessary in the future to make WIX step up and become the tool of our choice for all projects.

The smallest solution:

  • Copy pages between sites
    If we could copy pages between sites we could work on different pages in the project and then just copy the pages between our dev-sites to the real main project site.

The medium solution:

  • Make it possible to work exclusive on a per-page directive. If I work on one page and my colleague on another page and then I hit save everything that he has done will be lost. This is not ok in any tool where people will work together on projects.

If we could be the author and developer of one page and work on that but when I hit save I just save the page, not the entire site and everything in it.

The golden solution:
The best solution would of course be that I invite the developers and the designer. The developers can add and work with code together but not in the same file at once, then the system will say “Andreas is working on this file”. But we can work on any item, data collections, backend scripts, pages and all other stuff as long as we don’t edit the same item everything will be ok.

Some of this has to be done, now I have worked three days on a page and scripts and collections on this page and now I cannot copy or publish this stuff to the complete site that my wife has done complete except this page. So I have to add the page, add the collection, add the scripts and populate the collection with all data and then I have to add all 178 elements to the page with the unique names to make the page work. I think this will take me half a day to make it work.

If a solution would be ready above I would spend 10 minutes maybe…

I am so much longing for an advanced repeater element that also allows grouping of boxes and lines :slight_smile:

Except above comments the tool rocks and what we have done in 24 hours now would have taken us 3-4 days in WordPress.

Hi Andreas,
Thanks for your suggestions, we’re definitely considering how to handle the issue of multiple contributors.
Can you please explain how you’d use a “Copy Page” functionality?

I want to be able to work on one page exclusive while my wife works on another or we copy a site and then we copy the page back to the main site with code.

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