That tag clouds can be used as plain text, that is, without any functionality

Currently, I have a website where each dynamic item or page has a tag cloud, and to display the category of this item, I added a tag cloud. However, currently, they are clickable, meaning they have a filtering function.

It would be great if there was an option in this tag cloud that, instead of “Content Collection” or “Content Filtering,” there’s a third option that says “Do nothing,” essentially making them decorative tags.

This way, users won’t be confused about whether they can click on these tags.

It would also be great if these tags had an option to redirect to a link.

For example, as shown in the image below, if a user clicks on one of those categories, it takes them to a dynamic page.

That would be another good option.

Summary: Tag clouds should have the option to:

  • Do nothing and remain static like regular text.
  • Have a linking function to dynamic pages.


@rodolfoboscan911 Your summary at the end is appreciated! :smile: I’ll be sure to pass this onto the team!

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