The Velo Community

Our Purpose

Welcome to the Velo Community! The forum is a friendly and encouraging space for learning, sharing, and collaborating. We have varying degrees of skills in this community, but we all strive to code amazing sites and expand our knowledge through collaboration. Above all, be kind. Remember that everyone was once a coding newbie.

The Velo Community Forum is not a support forum. You should not expect to get full code solutions here, and we cannot guarantee your questions will be answered. The community functions best when everyone helps each other.

On occasion, you might need more help than the community is able to provide. Check out the Wix Marketplace , where you can hire a Velo Certified Developer to assist you.

Community Privilege

Being a member of this community is a privilege, not a right. Adhering to the policies and guidelines is a necessity for all members. The community team reserves the right to remove anyone at any time.