This page is available only for subscribers - How to edit?

I have some pages restricted for paying members only. When someone clicks to go to a members only page, it is redirecting to a page that says “This page is available only for subscribers.” with a button underneath to check plans. I can’t find where to edit this page in the Wix editor. Any ideas?

Is this a wix App generated page? (which app in that case) or have you inherited the app and are being asked to make changes?

Things that will help get you to a solution would be:

  • URL of the page you are being redirected from,
  • screen shot of the Wix Editor page list.

Sounds like you may be using a router so sharing the Backend router.js file might be useful too if you have one.




Hi Anon39

The message you are seeing is actually being generated by Wix because you have configured the target page as Members Only. But how you modify the page I think depends upon the Wix App you are using. Are you using the Wix Paid-Plan App is this the SUBSCRIBE maps to or are you simply managing your paid plans using standard Member app?

If you go to the Page settings view:

and Members Only is selected you will see a Member Sign Up Settings link. I think this may be what you need to work with.

When you click on this you get an option to customize the sign up page

As you can see this give you a chance to use your own lightbox which should override the one you are seeing.

Either way it might also pay you to read these articles on Wix Paid Plans for guidance.

Hope that helps.

Great, this helps a lot. The only problem I am having at the moment is when I choose a lightbox:

Wix does not pick up the selection after I click done; the save button is still greyed out:

Any ideas?

@scott39 Try logging out. Closing your browser and log back in again? Perhaps it’s a session problem.

@stcroppe I set a lightbox and nothing changed I am still getting the same screen.

@scott39 It looks like you have solved the problem. Is that correct?

@scott39 , did you manage to find a way out? I’m facing a similar issue and can’t imagine why the Wiz Paid app is not redirecting user to plans directly. Why is there a need to a shabby temporary page as such.

Hi all,
I seems to have the same issue and I don’t believe the described solution above addresses it.

My website has a member area (by approved subscription only) in which one of the member pages offer a certain functionality to certain members (different subscription level permissions).
When a low level subscription try to access the page, it gets the " This page is available only for subscribers".
I need to update the page but can’t seem to find any way to do that.
My requirement are:

  • Change the text in the title (different terminology - I don’t use ‘Subscribers’ but ‘Members’).
  • Link the button to a certain page on my site and change its text, instead of ‘Check Plans’.
  • Additional text elements.

Hope anyone can assist me with it (much preferred than the ‘its by design’ answer :))

Thank you,

Just a small update:
After a long talk with WIX support, this is “By Design” and at the moment (15/12/2020), no update / redesign ability is permitted on the above page.

I also need to be able to edit this canned response.

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