Time based content

Dear All
For my website I would like to use time based content.
I have found so far the scheduled Jobs plugin through Corvid, But it does not seem to be doing exactly what I want.
I am looking for a site that when loaded in the morning shows some different content then when loaded in the evening.
Anyone who could help me figure this out? (perhaps by adding it to a custom HTML frame)
(the content that will be shown during the different times of the days will by either an image of a video)
Thank you! Sylke

See the Open For Business example. It determines the user’s time and informs the user if a business is open or closed. You can use this to make further changes to your site such as different images displayed on the home page based on the time, or special messages, or whatever else you want.

Ohh great!! sorry for the late reply, Thank you a lot!

@yisrael-wix the link is not working. I will request you to help me with it.

link updated

@yisrael-wix Thank you Brewmaster.

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