Time-Picker no Min-Max?

So I go about my business setting up a Time-Picker.

But this is very un-WiX-like, there is No Max and No Min for the values.

Thus I can’t restrict any user from submitting a form booking a Math Lesson at 3am or 11:30 pm!

What I am building will only be used by employees with permission, so I can trust that this will not be happening, but…

Now Date-Picker has Max-Date and Min-Date and so on, so I just presumed that WiX/Velo would have this sussed for the Time-Picker.

I even tried connecting to a DataSet thinking that that would limit the choices to the values I provide, but that wasn’t the case.

There are LOTS of ways to GerryRig what I am looking for – I’ve done it many times. Just surprised that WiX/Velo doesn’t have this already in hand.

Indeed, part of why I am posting is that, since this seems so out of character for WiX/Velo I am asking just in case I am overlooking something relatively obvious… and/or if there is some ‘Secret Decoder Ring’ I need to employ to make this happen.