Timeline Code Example error?

I’m trying to follow this Timeline Code Example:

import wixAnimations from 'wix-animations';
let timeline = wixAnimations.timeline();
// ...
const myImage1 = $w("#myImage1");
=============>>> const someImages = $w("#myImage2", "#myImage3"); <<<===========
const vectorImages = $w("VectorImage");
//Adds an animation for myImage1 
timeline.add(myImage1, {
  "rotate": 360,
  "scale": .5,
  "duration": 1000

as found here. I get an error though in my Code Editor that “$w should get only one argument”.

Any ideas?

Solved it by bypassing the problematic syntax and using square brackets, like this:

let timelineInit = wixAnimations.timeline({"repeat":  -1});
 const myImageInit = $w("#vectorImage118");
 const myImageInit2 = $w("#vectorImage119");
                .add( [myImageInit,myImageInit2], { <<==============
 "rotate": 360 * 100,
 "duration": 20000 * 100,
 "easing": 'easeOutQuint'
                    } )

But the syntax in the API reference most probably should be corrected, in this specific example. It’s the Code Example snippet entitled “Add animations on multiple page elements together”.