Transitions without leaving the page

I noticed a feature in the EditorX website itself. In the Premium Plans page, there are two options available: Website and Business & eCommerce. We can switch between these two options without being redirected to any other page (I mean we stay on the same page). Can anybody tell me how can we add that feature to our website? Here’s a video to explain you what I mean. Thank you!

Hi Pratham,
I am Naama from Editor X Product team.
Currently, we’re not supporting out of the box page transitions effects in Editor X and it is part of our longer term roadmap.
The example above was implemented using advanced code.
You can also consider using wixAnimation API alongside with show/hide APIs.
It can also be a good idea to approach the Corvid community for inspirations and support.
Thank you, Na’ama

Got it. Thanks Naama!