Transparent vs colored containers: loading time

I have a grid with many rows and in each row I have a container. The whole section should have the same background color and I would like to optimize my site’s load time.

To achieve this, should I:
1. Set the background color of the section to the one I need and then make the containers transparent?
2. Or should I set the containers to the same background color as well?

Essentially this boils down to: do containers load faster when transparent or when colored?


It’s hard to believe this color setting has any significant effect on loading time.

I think about this in the same way

Nothing I could find seems to mention that color (or lack thereof) would affect loading speed since from what I understand it’s a line of CSS to determine the color and the opacity so it’s the same regardless of it has color or not.

Now if you have a video background or image, then that may increase the load time since it has to load the source.