Triggered emails sent to different email addreses

I’m currently working on a recruiting website. All job pages are dynamic and we have a form on each page so the applicants can submit their CV - I’ve set up a triggered email to be sent to the owner of the website when someone submits their CV.

Since we have a couple of HR managers, I’m wondering whether it’s possible to assign the email address of the relevant HR manager when adding a new vacancy to the database, so each response of the candidate comes to the recruiter’s email, that is linked to a specific vacancy page.

You will first need to create a contact and save the contact ID using the createContact() API.

Save the returned contactId in a database or hardcode it on a backend file.

You can now use the emailContact() API to send emails to this contact.

If you are saving the applications to a database you can use the afterInsert() data hook to trigger the email.

Thank you Shan! Will try this solution