Triggering Custom Events in Gtag and FBQ (Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel)

I’ve set up my gtag and fbq in custom code, but now need to trigger a custom event on my site for conversion tracking and a/b testing. I can see that the custom code is in a different scope than Velo (wtf, why?) so I can’t access the gtag or fbq. What else can I do to trigger a specific custom event for a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics? This is VERY easy in regular HTML and it’s very frustrating how hard this is because of the way that Velo is set up in a separate scope.

You do not need to use Velo to do this. There are many articles explaining how to set up various Marketing Tools with Wix.
Google Analytics:
Facebook Pixel:

For additional assistance, you can contact Wix Customer Care .

No i need to specifically use Velo or JavaScfipt because I have custom code that is going to trigger a conversion in FB/Google. Any ideas how I can do this in Velo?