Trying to create pagination for my table

I have a page on my site that displays content from a dataset. That table is connected to a dynamic page that displays each item displayed in that table. However, I don’t seem to able to find an article or a tutorial on wix that could help me create pagination for that index table. I have hundreds of entries to that dataset and would like to create a pagination for that table. Could someone please help me with that? thanks!

Hi, if you use “Table” component from “Add” - “List & Grids” menu, try to open “Table Layouts” panel and choose “Apply Pagination” option.
Please let me know, if you will encounter any problem further. Thanks!

Thank you so much! I had a table already on the page but for some reason it didn’t have the Apply Pagination option in its Table Layouts. I just replaced it with a new table and it worked! Cheers!

You’re welcome! I’m glad that everything turned out well.

Is this feature no longer available/supported? I cannot find any Pagination options in any of the table settings.

Hi cneff
The pagination is done in the Page Layout…