Tuesday Tech-Talk: Multi-State Box Feature Feedback

Today, we’d like to hear from you regarding a feature our component team is closely working on. A new version of our Multi-State Box for Editor X.

If you’ve ever used a multi-state box, this is your chance to share your suggestions and feedback.

What are some of the capabilities you feel are missing? Are you limited to certain actions? If you’re currently using multi-state boxes, what are some features you’d like to see?

We want to know what your experience has been like, and what you’d like for the team to add down the line.

Let us know your thoughts down below. @alexz and the team look forward to hearing from you.

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Could you please provide instructions on how to access Multi-State Boxes in Editor X? I can’t see it under new features or Betas. I also cannot find it under the Add Elements section. Thank you

It would be nice if there was a category preset, maybe have the setup similar to how the blog categories function. It would make things so much easier to filter items, products, and images on a single page instead of having to create sperate pages per item.
For example, on an artist, or a designer portfolio, using a multi-state box would be an awesome feature on editor x, to filter through styles, or types of work with tabs.


Hi Toby, it’s currently not available for Editor X, only the classic editor. However, it is currently being built for Editor X.

What are some of the capabilities you would like to see Multi-state Boxes have for Editor X?

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Thank you for your feedback!

@stevenjose Ok, thanks for clarifying.

  1. I would like the ability to add elements to the hover state by dragging into the container instead of having to ad the element to the initial state.
  2. Adding consistent animations to all elements on hover would help coherence, a the moment animations are limited to elements that are in the initial state.
  3. Lastly having all the editor X functionality would be great such as full width boxes.

@_toby great feedback, Toby!

@_toby thank you! I’ve forwarded your feedback to the team.

Hi guys. Just clarifying that Multi-State boxes are the same as Interactions?

Can the team please focus on Interactions. There are so many bugs that haven’t been fixed. We need it on Editor X too. Please have a look at the Interactions post and look at the most recent posts. There are heaps of bugs and feature requests. Thanks. ( https://community.wix.com/partners/forum/partner-announcements/beta-unlocked-interactions )

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Hey Tim!

Thanks for bringing attention to Interactions. We love your enthusiasm :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the previous thread, we are definitely working on it!