Tutorial : Getting Visitor Details like IP, OS etc.

Today in this tutorial we will know how to get visitor details like IP, Operating System and Web Application.

Important Note: This tutorial is for information purpose and I do not know about any legal use of this method. In case of violation to any policy kindly inform me on royal.rutik@gmail.com .

Step 1 : Add a reCAPTCHA element in your site’s header. To get more help on this Click Here
Step 2 : Change reCAPTCHA element ID to “captcha” and click on collapsed on load from the element’s property panel.
Step 3 : Create a New Web Module (visitor-info.jsw) at backend side.
Step 4 : Copy-Paste the below code into the Web Module.

import wixCaptchaBackend from 'wix-captcha-backend';

export function authorize_Captcha(token) {
 return wixCaptchaBackend.authorize(token)
    .catch((error) => {
 let agent_info = JSON.parse(error.config.headers['x-wix-user-agent-info']);
 let info = {
  "user-ip-address": error.config.headers['x-real-ip'],
 "user-application": agent_info.uaDetails.name,
 "user-operating-system": agent_info.osDetails.name
 return info;

Step 5 : Use the below function to get visitor details on any of the page of your website

import { authorize_Captcha } from 'backend/test';

$w.onReady(async function () {
 let user_info = await authorize_Captcha($w('#captcha').token);
    $w('#text1').text = user_info['user-ip-address'];
    $w('#text2').text = user_info['user-application'];
    $w('#text3').text = user_info['user-operating-system'];

In case of any queries or issues with this tutorial kindly contact at royal.rutik@gmail.com.

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Can I get country info with this method?

Yes you can get it



error.config.headers['geoip_country_code'] or error.config.headers['geoip_country_code3']

Please can I get the City info and also State?