Two Instances/Call to an event: Button_Click

Hi everyone! I’m having a little problem with an Button_click event. The problem is that it is called two times, and it makes my code run two times.

What is the difference in the call: Well, this button is located inside a “REPEATER”, so I’m using the following code to get the Button_click event:

export function bBoton_click(event, $w) {
//my code is here

Just to be clear, I use de “$w” as a parameter, in order to get the value of that specific item selected in the repeater.

And when I see the content of the “event” parameter, it is the same content or information, so there is no differences in both instances called by 1 button pressed. See the content of the “event” parameter in the files attached (each one contains the “event” content of each run)

So that’s it!!! Thanks for your help!!!