Unable to update a custom field with wixUsersBackend.updateUserFields

This started happening just in the past couple days. We have a custom form on our site that updates Custom Fields for the current logged in user. Later in the day yesterday, we saw forms coming through, but the fields not getting updated.

I edited our update call with “data” and replacing it with a static “mydata” object to see if it was a problem with the submitted data from the form. As you can see from the validation message below, it appears that Velo can’t find out custom “CEP” field, even though you can see it in the screenshot above.

It appears that Velo does not recognize the custom field anymore as a part of the UserInfo object. Has something changed recently on the WIX side? Should we be adding some sort of a prefix to the custom field name that we are attempting to update? This is a level 1 production issue for us. Can someone help?

Here is the snippet of the above method in our .jsw file:

export function updateUserFields ( userId , data ) {
console . log ( "myInfo.jsw. updateUserFields(). INIT. userId = " + userId );
//console.log("myInfo.jsw. updateUserFields(). INIT. data = "+JSON.stringify(data));
let mydata = {
“CEP” : “12949-111”
wixUsersBackend . updateUserFields ( userId , mydata )
. then ( () => {
console . log ( "myInfo.jsw. updateUserFields(). userId = " + userId );
console . log ( "myInfo.jsw. updateUserFields(). data Stringified = " + JSON . stringify ( data ));
return wixUsersBackend . getUser ( userId );
} )
. catch ( ( err ) => {
// there was an error updating the contact
return { “Error” : “unable to update the user of ID:” + userId }
} );

When I tail the log, I can see the first “INIT” log, but not the one inside the Promise. It appears to fail silently.

further detail… I updated my static map above to update an out-of-the-box user field (firstName). While the validation error did not appear in the code editor, when I submitted the form, the firstName field was not updated for the current user. I wonder if there may be a wider problem. I checked status.wix.com and noticed that yesterday there was a significant outage. Could this have affected the ability to update UserFields (existing or custom)?