📣 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Unlocking the Power of Velo Bookings: Custom Pricing and Enhanced Appointments with REST API Integration

Join Jacob Gontmacher from the Bookings Velo Team this Thursday as he explores Velo Bookings! This webinar will take place this Thursday, June 29th, at 1:00 PM EDT.

In this webinar, Jacob will explore into two key topics:

1) Building a custom book flow that enables dynamic pricing and addons using Velo Bookings Pricing SPI. Discover how you can create manual pricing options, including pricing for add-ons not supported by the Bookings out-of-the-box solution. Learn how to tailor your booking process to meet the unique needs of your business.

2) Exploring the possibilities of creating appointment sessions with two staff members using REST API calls and API Keys. Unleash the potential of the REST API integration, and see how it opens up new avenues for creating custom solutions. Understand how API Keys can empower you to leverage REST APIs within your Velo solutions, unlocking enhanced functionality and customization.

We can’t wait to see you there! Tap this link at the start of the event (Thursday, June 29th @ 1:00 PM EDT to join the webinar): https://wix.zoom.us/j/81920536143

Is this webinar available to watch? I couldn’t find it listed in Wix Learn… Definitely would like to learn how to do this!

Hey @ash4dzyns here is the video! Would love to hear your feedback once you get a chance to watch it.

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