Update a Repeater based on user input

There a Wix video “How to Create a Search for your Database” (Wix Code | How to Create a Search for Your Database - YouTube), in it they perform a SEARCH and the repeater UPDATES ITSELF with the result of the search parameters and that’s what I need! But there’s no link to a site where I can see what they actually did in the Editor.
I already have the code for 2 functional dropdown menus (taken from https://codequeen.wixsite.com/dropdown/code)
How do I make the repeater update with the resulting search parameters?


How is your repeater connected to the data?

Have you used the method described here:

or are you assigning an array of items to the $w.Repeater data property.

If you are attaching the repeater elements to the dataset directly then you need to be filtering the dataset that the repeater is using. This is achieved by calling wix-dataset.setFilter function.

Hope this helps

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I finally found the example and code I wanted: www.wix.com/code/home/forum/wix-tips-and-updates/example-search-a-database